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   I'm a retired website builder and amateur photographer and decided to merge those two interests with this website. 

   My interest in photography is primarily due to the variety of birds and the abundance of wildlife in South Florida where I moved to in 2018.  

   Both the Everglades and Big Cypress National Preserve are a short drive from Naples and where I tend to go to take photos, along with the many closer nature parks, rookeries, and preserves in my area.

   The vast majority of photos were taken in Florida, exceptions will be clearly marked.

Birds / Black Skimmer

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Black Skimmer

Although it may seem awkward-looking on a standing bird, its unusual beak makes sense once one watches this tern-like bird "skimming" for food. They fly low over water with its beak open and lower mandible partially submerged. When the lower part of the bill touches prey, such as a small fish, the bill's upper mandible snaps down, securing the bird's meal.

Another unique feature of the Black Skimmer is its eyes, which have large pupils that narrow to vertical slits as do a cat's pupils. This adaptation compensates for glare off the water's surface and may enhance the bird's vision as it hunts in dim light.

Black Skimmer
Black Skimmer

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