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   I'm a retired website builder and amateur photographer and decided to merge those two interests with this website. 

   My interest in photography is primarily due to the variety of birds and the abundance of wildlife in South Florida where I moved to in 2018.  

   Both the Everglades and Big Cypress National Preserve are a short drive from Naples and where I tend to go to take photos, along with the many closer nature parks, rookeries, and preserves in my area.

   The vast majority of photos were taken in Florida, exceptions will be clearly marked.

Birds / Cormorant Gular Futter

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This may look like a distorted photo of a cormorant but it isn't. Birds do not have sweat glands as humans do, so they cannot regulate and their body heat excess via sweating. One of the ways they compensate for their inability to sweat is by panting, doing what is called the ‘gular flutter’ which is breathing rapidly with an open beak while vibrating a membrane located in their head/neck. When a cormorant is cooling down by gular fluttering, you can see quivering in their neck as seen in this photo.

Cormorant Gular Futter
Cormorant Gular Futter

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