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   I'm a retired website builder and amateur photographer and decided to merge those two interests with this website. 

   My interest in photography is primarily due to the variety of birds and the abundance of wildlife in South Florida where I moved to in 2018.  

   Both the Everglades and Big Cypress National Preserve are a short drive from Naples and where I tend to go to take photos, along with the many closer nature parks, rookeries, and preserves in my area.

   The vast majority of photos were taken in Florida, exceptions will be clearly marked.

Reptiles / Green Iguana

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Green Iguana

The Green Iguana is an invasive species in South Florida, and is found along the east coast, as well as the Gulf Coast. Hatchlings and juveniles display a bright green coloration. Adults can range in color from green to brown to almost black. The original small populations in the Florida Keys were stowaways on ships carrying fruit from South America, the pet trade where some escaped and some were released by their owners which not only survived but thrived in their new habitat.

News reports from January 2008, January 2010, and January 2018 noted that large numbers of iguanas established in Florida dropped from the trees in which they lived, due to uncommonly cold nights.

Green Iguana
Green Iguana

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